Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Chesapeake Square Shops

5 rating

I have been going to Sports Clips for the past 3 years and have been consistently satisfied with their customer service. The addition of the online check-in has only improved an already great service. Thanks

1 rating

Sad and frustrating. Location is always understaffed. The wait is usually around an hour. I usually arrive around 4:00pm.The two employees had to run scarf down some food when they could and were trying to leave but couldn't due to there only being two of them. One of them, thankfully, skipped over me twice. Her attitude was atrocious even oscillating to getting loud, confrontational, and aggressive when asked why this was happening! The other customer then said that I could go. I told them that I would wait for Candi, as there was no way that I was going to tip this bully. Candi was great, and did a fine job. Your stylists do need to learn to become a little more efficient when it comes to listening to what the customer wants, just to save time, if you are going to continue to under staff the location. Candi asked that I take the survey at the bottom of the receipt, which I tried to do, but the receipt was so poorly printed that I could neither make out, nor even find, the store number. I do not want an apology, I do not want the other young lady fired, I do not want a coupon. I would just like a pleasant, convenient, and reasonably quick experience when I pay $20.00 and tip $10.00 just to get my head shaved! I could have done it myself at home for .50 cents worth of electricity! I pay for a pleasant experience. unfortunately, I feel kind of like I pay to get flogged when I come in. Your location is convenient to me, but I will look around before visiting again. Hell, it took me around six months to come try y'all again this time and it was even worse than last time! You need to take better care of your employees and staff the store! This is not really an employee problem, it is a management issue. If I worked there, I'd probably be disgruntled myself. Time to step up your game.

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